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Live LCPtracker Webinar for Current Clients

Exclusive LCPtracker Subcontractor Webinar! LIVE!
Kuniklo Corporation has arranged for a live webinar exclusively for the contractors we work with on City of Phoenix multi-family housing projects.  Login from your computer and participate as LCPtracker Project Manager, Christina Nagel, navigates the screens and answers your questions about the certified payroll system.
Event:                      LCPtracker Contractor Training Webinar
Date/Time:             Friday, January 27, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Registration is required:   Participation is limited to 23 logged-in participants.

Kuniklo is new LCPtracker Service Provider

Kuniklo Corporation is now listed among the third-party Service Providers at  Kuniklo entered into this relationship with LCPtracker because of the mutually beneficial features each company provides.

LCPtracker® Labor Compliance Software is a powerful web-based system to helps collect and manage certified payroll reporting on prevailing wage projects.  Kuniklo Corporation provides strategies and compliance for contractors and agencies to meet their labor compliance, hiring, and small business utilization goals.  The software system complements Kuniklo’s services by automating much of the labor review and report generation so it can offer its clients real-time information and archive-able reports.

For more information on how Kuniklo Corporation can help you implement prevailing wage compliance and LCPtracker implementation, click here.  For more information on LCPtracker, click here.