Business Advisory, SBE/DBE Outreach, and Training 

Today’s business climate requires an immediate approach to addressing small business enterprise (SBE) participation goals while addressing the technical deficiencies of small businesses. We specialize in management technical assistance (MTA) and training, which addresses the near-term priorities of the business owner, while meeting the programmatic goals of the funding agency. Through outreach, training, and side-by-side coaching, Kuniklo gets the right information to SBE’s on behalf of our clients

• Subcontractor diversification strategies

• Project specific SBE/DBE outreach events

• Small business coaching and technical assistance

• Program and curriculum development

HUD Section 3 & Local Hiring Plans 

We develop strategies to create opportunities for low-income workers, public housing residents, and chronically unemployed persons to meet the economic priorities required by project funding.

• Write project specific compliance manuals

• Develop local hiring plans

• Facilitate community meetings

• Coordinate contracting and employment events

• Prepare compliance reports

Davis Bacon and Prevailing Wage Compliance

Nobody likes when administrative issues hold up payments, so we train your subcontractors and their staff to record, report, and submit correct and complete reports. For prime contractors, we even receive, review, and submit to the compliance agency on your behalf.

• Subcontractor orientation and training

• LCPtracker setup and training

• Certified payroll review and submittal

• Ongoing technical assistance for subcontractors